Cow Sale Consignments

See below for detailed listings, pictures and videos of cattle consigned for the upcoming Stock Cow Sale.  Check back regularly  for updates and new listings.

Next Stock Cow Sale
Saturday, Sept. 18th 1 PM

Check back frequently for updated cattle photos

Heading 2

Harms Plainview Ranch

40 Fancy Home-Raised Angus Hfs.,

2 yrs., 1,150 lbs. bred to calving-ease

Angus Bulls for Sept. 20th calving

Sprague Ranch

80 Blk. & BWF Cows, 4-6 yrs., bred 3rd to Jamison Ranch Horned Hereford Bulls

30 Blk. Cows, 5 yrs., with 30 calves by side weighing up to 250 lbs.

B & K Ranch

130 Blk. & BWF Cows, 3-4 yrs., bred 3rd to Express & Buford Ranch Angus Bulls to start calving Sept. 20th for 75 days.

Attention Cattlemen:  This is a rare chance to own an extremely fancy young set of home-raised cows, all cows weaned calves in June. Would be an outstanding addition to any operation!

Loyd Farms

40 Mix Cows, 4 yrs.-BM, bred 3rd to Blk. Angus Bulls, with calves by side

40 Mix Cows, 5 yrs.-BM, bred 1st & 2nd to Blk. Angus Bulls

R. Goolsby

20 Blk. & BWF Cows, 3-5 yrs., bred 2nd & 3rd to Byergo Angus Bulls

All Home-raised, big, stout gentle cows

Pending Consignment

30 Home-raised Blk. Angus Cows with 15 Maine-Anjou cross calves by side weighing 350 lbs.  Remainder of cows bred 2nd and 3rd to Maine-Anjou Bulls 

Pending Consignment

25 Angus Heifers, 2 yrs., bred to LBW

Angus Bulls for Sept. 25th calving