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Cow Sale Consignments

See below for detailed listings, pictures and videos of cattle consigned for the upcoming Stock Cow Sale.  Check back regularly  for updates and new listings.

Next Special Stock Cow Sale
Thursday, May 23rd  1 PM

Scheckel Farms Complete Cow Herd Dispersal

130 Red Angus Cows, 3-4 yrs., w/ 130 Judd Ranch Red Balancer calves by side, calves and cows ear-tagged to match

50 Red Angus Cows, 3-4 yrs., bred to Judd Ranch Red Balancer Bulls for Sept. 1st calving

7 Judd Ranch Red Balancer Bulls, 2-3 yrs.

Owner is changing operation & has leased out farm. This is an outstanding herd of young Red Angus Cows that are all on their 2nd calf, all cows raised & weaned calves in fall.

Thompson Cattle Co.

40 Blk. Angus Hfs., 2 yrs., w/ 40 A-I sired Angus calves

40 BWF Hfs., 2 yrs., w/ 40 A-I sired Char. calves

26 BWF Hfs., 2 yrs., w/ 26 A-I sired Angus calves

40 Red Angus-CharX Cows, 3 yrs., bred to Upstream Horned Hereford Bulls for Sept. 1st calving

80 Blk. Cows, 3-4 yrs., bred 2nd to DeBruyscker Char. Bulls

Very fancy herd of heifers and cows, owner only selling due to changing to strictly stocker operation, hfs. all gentle, averaging 1,150 to 1,200 lbs.

Scotten Bros.

40 Blk. Cows, 4 yrs.-SS

20 Red Cows, 4 yrs.-SS

Above 60 head bred 2nd to Red Angus or Blk. SimAngus Bulls, calves sold off in March

15 Blk. Cows, 5 yrs.-BM w/ Blk. calves by side

L. Kenney

60 Home-Raised Angus Cows, 4 yrs.-BM,

w/ outstanding Angus calves by side

C. Baker

8 Blk. Cows, 3-7 yrs., bred back to Blk. Bulls for September 1st calving