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Cow Sale Consignments

See below for detailed listings, pictures and videos of cattle consigned for the upcoming Stock Cow Sale.  Check back regularly  for updates and new listings.

Next Stock Cow Sale
Saturday, Mar. 2nd  1 PM

Attention Cattlemen:

This set of Purebred Angus Heifer Pairs from B. Hoeme are very fancy and would make a great addition to any established herd or would be an

outstanding starter herd! Heifers have followed a very strict mineral and

herd health program. Calves are ear tagged to match with Date of Birth.  Don’t miss this opportunity to own some outstanding heifer pairs!

B. Hoeme

80 Blk. Angus Hfs., 2 yrs., 1,050 lbs., w/ AI sired Angus Tahoe or Crossbow Angus calves by side

M. McNeeley

36 Fancy Red Angus Hfs., 2 yrs., 1,100 lbs, bred to CE Red Angus Bulls to

start calving March 1 for 30 days

Very nice set of Heifers, been pelvic measured and been on complete

vaccination program.

S. Mashburn

60 Blk. Angus Hfs., 2 yrs., 1,150 lbs., bred 3rd to CE

Angus Bulls (sons of Rainfall Angus Bull) Extremely nice set of Angus Hfs., complete herd health program, Heifers have been pelvic measured, and

tract scored. 

L. Stauffer

16 Blk. Angus Hfs., 2 yrs., 1,150 lbs. bred to CE Angus Bulls for March 1st

Calving for 60 days

J. Hager

6 Red Angus Hfs., 2 yrs., 1,000 lbs. bred to Blk. Angus Bull for May 1st calving

E. Choate

5 PB Grey Brahman Hfs., 2 yrs., 1,050 lbs., bred 1st to Blk. Brahman Bull