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Mo-Kan Bison Sale
Saturday, March 16th    11 AM

All Consignments Welcomed & Appreciated!

Since the founding of Mo-Kan Livestock Market in 1992, our family-owned and operated livestock market has sold Bison every year and for the past 23 years a Special Bison Auction was held the third Saturday in March.  This year will be no different with our Bison Sale being held Saturday, March 16th at 11 AM. Together with our top-notch facilities and knowledgeable staff, the Bison Sale will continue to provide an excellent atmosphere for both producers and buyers.

Special note to Consignors: Save a trip to your vet and extra handling of your bison, our market veterinarian will sex, age and preg. check all Bison on premise.


Choosing Mo-Kan Livestock Market to market your bison provides many advantages including:


  • Competitive Commission Rate of 5%

  • 30+ years’ experience in marketing Bison

  • Strong Market with Buyers from across the Nation

  • Staff trained and experienced in safe Bison handling

  • Knowledgeable Auctioneer, Ring-Men & Office Personnel

  • Skilled Veterinary Staff with 10+ years’ experience

  • Specially designed Bison Vet Chute

  • 5 Acres of Covered Pens with Hay & Water Accommodations

  • Online Bidding through

Don’t miss the opportunity to market your bison with our experienced staff at a well-established sale with a competitive commission rate of only 5%!  We look forward to a continued partnership with all past Bison producers and the opportunity to welcome new producers.

See you Saturday, March 16th!

2024 Bison Sale (1).png

Early Consignments Include:

72 Mature Cows

4 Mature Bulls

11 2 yr. Olds

57 Yearlings

Additional Consignments Expected by Sale Day

Sprague Complete Bison Herd Dispersal
Mr. Sprague has been in the Bison business for many years and is well-known for his award winning Bison herd. He has a great reputation for raising quality Bison stock.  This complete herd dispersal will include gentle, well-cared for mature cows, mature bulls and yearlings. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to begin their Bison herd or add to an existing herd. 

58 Mature Cows
2 Mature Bulls
42 Yearlings


Roberts Farm Complete Herd Dispersal

7 Mature Cows
1Mature Bulls
8 2 year olds
8 Yearlings


Old PinkHill Traders
E & K Brosam

Mix of mature cows, yearlings and coming 2 yr. olds.
Consignment to include Mature White Cow and possibly Mature White Bull

Large Herd Bull is out of a Dr. Gerald Parsons, DVM Bull, Crow Warrior, which was DNA tested by Dr. Connor Elliott, DVM

Cow in Third Photo has produced some award winning calves, including a 1st place yearling bull-Grand Champion with MoBA. The fifth photo cow is her daughter out of former herd bull, Peter the Great.

Front Cow in the Fourth Photo was a 1st place heifer calf at MoBA Auction.

Calf in the Sixth Photo and the 2 year-old in the Seventh Photo are from the White Bison Cow.

R. Welch

2 Coming 2 yr. olds

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