MO Bison Association Sale
Saturday, March 19th    11 AM

All Consignments Welcomed & Appreciated!

Catalog Deadline-Saturday, March 12th

Note from Carol Morris with the MO BISON ASSOCIATION

The Missouri Bison Association Show and Sale in Butler, MO on March

19th will be here before we are ready! So here's a few details you might want to make note of!!!

First, call me as soon as possible to get your consignment numbers.

Second, if you want your animals in the sale catalog I MUST have your animal information by March 12th! I will send you an Exhibit A when you call for your numbers and you must have it completed and back to me by the deadline of March 12th.

Third, there will be a special section in the back of the catalog "Introducing Your Producers". This section will include information about you, your ranch, and a picture of your animals. Deadlines for this information will also be March 12th.

Fourth, all animals to be judged in our Show must be at the Mo-Kan Livestock Sale barn by 6 PM on the evening of the 18th. Otherwise, they will not be judged.

We are so excited about this Show and Sale and consignments are already coming in! Thank you and call me as soon as possible!

660-998-0990 or Peter Kohl i16-585-4779.

 Consignment Photos Updated Frequently!