Midwest Brahman
Cattle Association
Fall Sale

October 2021 sale (1).jpg

Expecting 250 head of registered, full blood and commercial Brahman bulls, cows & heifers at the Midwest Brahman Cattle Association sale on October 9th at Mo-Kan Livestock Market in Passaic, MO.

Make plans now to attend the only dedicated Brahman sale in the Midwest. 

ET Cattle Co.

40 F1 Tiger Stripe Hfs., 2 yrs., 1,100 lbs. bred to calving ease Angus Bull to start calving March 10th


RJ Miskimon Ranch

4 Reg. Brahman Bulls 2 yrs. 

2 Reg. Brahman Hfs., 2 yrs.


Robert Doehring

2 Reg. Brahmousin Cows 8-9 yrs.

Reg. Brahmousin Cow, 5 yrs.


Kreutzer 7 Lakes Ranch:

2 Reg. Brahman Hfs., yearling

Reg. Brahman Bull, yearling

Reg. Brahman Bull, 18 mos.

4 Commercial Brahman Hfs.

2 Tiger-Stripe Hfs.


Ty Martin

3 Reg. Brahman Bulls, yearlings

30 Commercial Brahman Hfs.

60 F1 & Tiger stripe Hfs.


8A Farms

50 Commercial Brahman Bulls, yearlings, 700-800 lbs.


Adam Vandiver

18 Brahman Cross Heifers


DeWitt Farms

Reg. Brahman Cow, 3 yrs. w/ Reg. Bull calf

Reg. Brahman Cow, 3 yrs., bred Reg. Brahman


Travis Cordray

8 Hereford Hfs., bred to Gray Brahman Bull


Cowling Land & Cattle

Registered Brahman Bull, yearling

7 Brahman Cross Cows


Jacobs Super J Brahmans

Commercial Brahman Cow, 5 yrs., bred to Brahman

Brangus Bull, yearling

Simbrah Bull, yearling

FB Commercial Red Brahman Bull Calf


Richeson Farms

3 Brangus Cows, 3 yrs., bred Brahman

1 Brangus Hf., bred Brahman


Acklin – We Don’t need your Gyr Bull Ranch

Spotted Sardo Negro bull calf

4 Brahman x Longhorn / Watusi cross Cows, 5-7 years, bred to Sardo Bull.


Webber Farms

3 Commercial Brahman Hfs., 2 yrs., bred

     1st to Brahman Bull

G. Lysinger

1/2 Brahman 1/2 Beefmaster Bull, 2 yrs., very gentle, easy to handle